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I’ve written three science fiction novels, all set in the same universe. I would class them as Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Space Opera in the style of Star Wars – a galaxy full of many sentient species and waring civilisations that exists in a universe where powerful entities from a parallel dimension bless the lucky few with special powers. If you enjoy fast-paced action and high-stakes adventure then these stories are sure to thrill you.

A desperate leader, a terrible threat unleashed, a new galactic war approaches.

A desperate leader. An old and fearsome enemy unleashed. A new galactic war approaches.

Riccard Brams, the ruler of the Dominion, seeks lasting peace with the Commonwealth but is under attack by enemies unknown.

The powerful Edo, who possess mystical powers from the ‘High’ beings of the Astral plane, agree to help Brams. They are plunged into a conflict that threatens not just the Dominion, but the entire galaxy. Raichel Ison, along with a hand-picked team of Edo, travel to the Dominion. Little do they know that Brams is using them as bait to lure out his enemy.

Other enemies lurk in the shadows, growing in strength. The Edo are mighty and noble, but few in number. They’ve sworn to protect the galaxy, but will this be their last stand?

The Rise of the Dominion is the first book of an exciting new Science Fantasy series The Dominion War. If you like fast-paced, galaxy-spanning adventure stories like the Star Wars Expanded Universe / Legends novels then you’ll love D. M. Marshall’s page-turning series.

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The thrilling follow up to The Rise of The Dominion

Old. Defeated. Heartbroken. A young girl, his new and only friend, is taken.

The reclusive ex-Edo Mushur Cail Otan fled to a back-water planet after a series of heart-breaking events. Withdrawn from life, he refuses to form relationships with the locals until a tenacious young girl befriends him.

She is kidnapped, along with the rest of her village, and suddenly Cail is thrown back into galactic affairs, where The Dominion wages war upon a weakened Commonwealth and the Skave and Zhur Thoggu follow their own nefarious plans.

Having sworn to forgo his Astral powers, Cail struggles to rescue the girl, relying on a few villagers to help him. Will denying his power doom her, yet another death for his crippling collection?

The Portal is the second book in The Dominon War, a Science Fiction series. Buy the Portal to continue the adventure today!

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Himdel's Fall picks up the action right from the conclusion of The Portal.

The galaxy is at war.

The Commonwealth, led by its Premier Olsen Carver, is under siege against the revitalized Dominion who are now aligned with the Skave. 

The Dominion, led by Admiral Adami, launches an all-out attack upon one of the Commonwealth’s most important shipbuilding systems, while the Skave unleash Astral Deep entities upon Himdel, the Commonwealth’s capital planet.

The Edo, now few in number, will do everything they can, but will it be enough?

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