A little bit of writing

Hey all, long time no speak. How you all doing? So sorry again for not updating this site recently. I sold my house, moved to the beach and have been plugging away at my other little businesses so I’ve not … Read More

Cail Vita Character Outline

Want to get to know the main character of my new novel, The Portal?These are the character outline notes I did for him. I definitely did not base his grumpy old man personality on mine. Nope. Not even slightly. Edo … Read More

The Portal is now live on Amazon!

That was quick! I’m pleased to announce that after three long years The Portal is finally on sale. Interestingly (or not) the Sudoku book is still in review, even though submitted about 12 hours before The Portal. The Portal and … Read More

Two Amazon submissions in one day!

I’ve just submitted The Portal to Amazon! This means it should be available within 72 hours. On a side note I’m also going into non-fiction work. Earlier today I submitted a Sudoku book to them too! Been a busy few … Read More

The Portal Cover

First version of the cover for The Portal! Also, we’re at 91,000 words and I’ve expanded the Zhur Thoggu arc considerably so I think, drum roll, please, that the novel is finished*. Excuse me while I go and have a … Read More

‘The Portal’ update

Hey all, hope 2021 is going well for you all and COVID-19 isn’t screwing up your plans too badly. I’ve finally got a little news to share with you guys – I just finished the first proper edit / proof … Read More

Happy 2021 everyone.

Happy 2021 everyone. I’m sure like me you’re glad 2020 is finally over and done with but here in Brisbane, Australia we’re currently in a small lockdown so it’s not been the best start to 2021 to be honest, though … Read More

Proofreading The Portal

Hey all. How you all doing? Hope you’re doing well during these crazy times. I’ve been busy proofreading The Portal, and have been pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable I’m finding it. It’s been long enough that some of the dialogue … Read More