Cail Vita Character Outline

Want to get to know the main character of my new novel, The Portal?These are the character outline notes I did for him. I definitely did not base his grumpy old man personality on mine. Nope. Not even slightly.

Edo Protagonist Cail Vita
Major Character
Gender: Male
Short Description
Middle-aged, ex Edo Mushur. Thinning brown hair, brown eyes. Sad. Lost faith in the Edo and the Astral.
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 170lb
Body Type Normal
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Skin Color light tan
Basic Nature Grumpy
Marital Status Widow
Nationality Hemdolian (Capitol planet)

Fights back against blackmailing Skave to save girl and village.
Moved to village to hide away, remove himself from Edo / Skave affairs as his power is just too dangerous.
Grumpy, unhappy. Girl in village changes all this when he sees her.
Deliberately rude to push people away.
Internal Conflicts
Wants connection and family again, just lacks faith in himself to protect them, so pushes it away.
External Conflicts
Skave blackmail him to open portal.
Edo trained.
Ex-Edo, hermit-like old man.
Family & Friends
None but girl, who ignored his rudeness, now he is kind to her.
The Skave.