Almost there!

Hey all. Hope your Christmas preparations are going well and have at least started your Christmas shopping?! Luckily for me my wife and I don’t really exchange gifts (they just aren’t one of our love languages) and my cats are … Read More

A little bit of writing

Hey all, long time no speak. How you all doing? So sorry again for not updating this site recently. I sold my house, moved to the beach and have been plugging away at my other little businesses so I’ve not … Read More

‘The Portal’ update

Hey all, hope 2021 is going well for you all and COVID-19 isn’t screwing up your plans too badly. I’ve finally got a little news to share with you guys – I just finished the first proper edit / proof … Read More

Happy 2021 everyone.

Happy 2021 everyone. I’m sure like me you’re glad 2020 is finally over and done with but here in Brisbane, Australia we’re currently in a small lockdown so it’s not been the best start to 2021 to be honest, though … Read More

Proofreading The Portal

Hey all. How you all doing? Hope you’re doing well during these crazy times. I’ve been busy proofreading The Portal, and have been pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable I’m finding it. It’s been long enough that some of the dialogue … Read More

Hey. It’s been a while.

Hope everyone is doing OK in these crazy times. Here in Australia the government acted early and we’re doing well. My heart goes out to everyone in countries less fortunate than us. The isolation has given us all time to … Read More