Sunday, funday!

Hi all, hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m a big fan of motorsport and UFC so I often find my Sundays filled with hours of watching my beloved sports. I just finished watching UFC and then later we have … Read More

Spring is here!

Hey all. Spring is here already (I live south of the equator if you’re wondering if I’ve gone mad), I can hardly believe it. We’ll all need to start our Christmas shopping soon. Time really does fly as you get … Read More

40k, and climbing

Hey all. No, this isn’t a post about Warhammer 40,000 (although I love that whole thing), but just to let you know I’m busy writing away on Himdel’s Fall and I’m now nearly 41,000 words deep into it. Five days … Read More

Cail Vita Character Outline

Want to get to know the main character of my new novel, The Portal?These are the character outline notes I did for him. I definitely did not base his grumpy old man personality on mine. Nope. Not even slightly. Edo … Read More