New covers!

Hey all, how’ve you all been? Is it me or does it feel like we’re living in someone’s alternative history novel, where the writer is an absolute a*$&%@#? Crazy times.

I’ve been busy sorting out new covers for my Dominion War novels, I’ve put them below – what do you think? I think they’re much more on-genre, they are space opera after all (even if with fantasy elements). I really like them. I hope you do too.

I’ve also tried to improve the start of The Rise of The Dominion after getting some (brutal!) feedback in a few reviews. They have a point to be fair, and so I’ve made a start at fixing the issues. I’ve included a glossary as well, and ordered the Dramatis personae by faction to help out the readers. Fingers crossed it helps.

I’ve also been busy plotting. I’ve got the third book in the Dominion Wars series ready to start writing – very exciting! – and I’ve also got the beats plotted out for a thriller and the overall book package sorted for a romance. I’m excited to write those but first I’m going to write book three – can’t keep the people who’ve read The Portal waiting!

Sci-fi e-book cover design by Bonobo Book Covers – I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Sci-fi e-book cover design by Bonobo Book Covers