Spring is here!

Hey all. Spring is here already (I live south of the equator if you’re wondering if I’ve gone mad), I can hardly believe it. We’ll all need to start our Christmas shopping soon. Time really does fly as you get older.

What I’ve been up to lately: Writing! Getting banned, twice! Weightlifting! Carnivore dieting! Cat cuddle central!

Exciting, right?! I’m two-thirds of the way through Himdel’s Fall now, 57,500 words and counting. I hit a little stumbling block last week when Amazon decided to terminate me, or my account, at least. They decided that my name, email address and physical address were wrong and so BOOM! Dead. No warning, no communication, just instant termination. Amazon doesn’t mess about.

I managed to get them to reinstate me (quote: as a one-time exception!) but as of yet they’ve not told me why they thought my details were wrong. I’ve just emailed them again. I really could do with knowing so that I can try and prevent this from happening again – it’s not fun to think that your entire livelihood could be taken away from you in an instant.

Besides the writing stuff I’ve been hitting it hard at the gym as always, even though it gets harder and harder by the day (I’m fast approaching my 48th birthday) and I’m back on the carnivore diet – check it out if you’ve not heard about it. As a degree-qualified nutritionist I have to say I’m embarrassed that I fell for the brainwashing just like everyone else. Carbs are bad, people. Plants are bad. Meat: goooood. Pinky promise. Would I lie to you? 🙂

One of my cats, Tonto, turns into a complete sook during the colder months and so we’ve been spending hours a day cuddling up with each other. With the warmer weather pretty much here I’ve been making the most of the cuddles as soon I won’t see him much at all. The upside of his vanishing act means I’ll have more time to write. Silver linings, and all that.